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Get ready to cut through the noise and promote your brand loudly and proudly without accidental greenwashing.

Learn the Purpose Marketing Playbook at your own pace from your own home or office with our online program.

In this program, Founder Giles Smith will show you how to rethink your brand messaging so that mainstream resonate with your brand, buy your products and become heroes in your mission.

Step-by-step, you'll build consistent and compelling messaging that no only works across every channel, but will leave you feeling a fresher and more motivated to make a difference in the world!

Perfect for die-hard DIY founders, new startups and established brands with in-house marketing teams.

What Will You Get

Each module includes an element of learning and implementation.

When you've completed the course your customers will clearly understand & resonate with your Mission.

  • A clearer understanding of your core customer and how to segment your customers according to the problems you solve for them.

  • A clear, compelling and powerful Purpose story that inspires customers to join you

  • A core market asset that can be used over and over to make all your marketing consistent.

Purpose Marketing Playbook Overview

A Complete online program to help you tell your story and make a bigger impact in the world.

    1. 0.01 - Welcome to the Purpose Marketing Playbook!

    2. 0.02 - Why is Getting Your Messaging Right So Critical?

    3. 0.03 - What do consumers think about sustainable products?

    4. 0.04 - What is Happening In The Industry Regards Sustainable Brands?

    5. 0.05 - Overview of the Purpose Marketing Playbook Framework

    6. 0.06 - Course & Learning Site Guide

    7. 0.07 - Introducing Our Case Study Brands

    1. 1.01 - What is an Avatar?

    2. 1.02 - How to Collect Initial Information to Start Defining Your Avatar

    3. 1.03 - Avatar Definition - Basic Demographics & Pyschographics

    4. 1.04 - Avatar Definition - Understanding The Customer's Problem

    5. 1.05 - Avatar Definition - Understanding the Transformation

    6. 1.06 - How to Validate Your Avatar Definition

    1. 2.01 Introducing Purpose 2.0

    2. 2.02 The 5Cs of Purpose 2.0

    3. 2.03 Purpose 2.0 Leadership Devices

    4. 2.04 Defining Purpose & Vision

    5. 2.05 Defining your Mission & Impact Goals

    6. 2.06 Defining Your Brand Values

    1. 3.01 How does Your Customer Become the Hero?

    2. 3.02 Designing Your Customer Impact

    3. 3.03 How Do You Solve Their Problems?

    4. 3.04 Making it a Shared Mission

    5. 3.05 Calling Them to Action: Your 3-Part Plan

    6. 3.06 The Hidden Power of Hero Spotlights

    1. 4.01 What is Active Transparency?

    2. 4.02 Meet The Guide

    3. 4.03 Meet the Brand

    4. 4.04 Proving Your Mission

    5. 4.05 Your Transparency Plan

    1. 5.01 Compiling Your Core Asset

    2. 5.02 The One Page Narrative

About this course

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  • Learn how to position your brand so that you stand out in a crowded market.

Take the Guesswork Out of Creating Your Brand Story!

We've analysed the marketing of hundreds of sustainable brands to give you a simple-to-use and repeatable framework for your own marketing.

  • Take the Course

    Watch the short 5-15 minute training videos and use the templates provided to build your Purpose Marketing Playbook asset.

  • Implement into Your Marketing

    Follow the comprehensive instructions of exactly how to implement the Playbook to your store, email sequence and offline marketing.

  • Enjoy Improved Conversion, Sales & Customer Retention

    Enjoy the results as all your marketing starts working better.

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Includes 12-Months of Access, support and course updates.